Brenda Lee Reed Explains Genesis Healing Center’s Detox Program

Genesis offers cleansing and detoxifications programs from one week to 30 days, says the healing center’s founder, Brenda Lee Reed.

Brenda Lee Reed is the founder of Genesis Healing Center. She is a student, a teacher, and a firm believer that whole-health is the most effective way to combat physical ailments and diseases. Genesis Healing is designed as a 30-day residential program but even those with only a week to spare can benefit from modified stays at this Middle Tennessee campus.

Genesis Healing Center Provides Barley Max to Guests

Brenda Lee Reed says that part of the rejuvenation process for guests at Genesis Healing Center is not having to worry about anything during their time there. The program includes all of the food and drinks needed to detox and regain stamina, mental clarity, and increase energy levels. Genesis provides their signature Barley Max, which, according to Brenda Lee Reed, helps the immune system rebuild. Fiber Cleanse and Genesis Detox tea are available to assist in the removal of toxins as well.

Educational Programs Available at Genesis Healing Center

There are many classes taught by the Genesis Lifestyle Coaches, says Brenda Lee Reed. These classes are orchestrated to assist guests by helping them take their healing experience home. Brenda Lee Reed notes that food related teachings include creating healthy and great tasting juices, kitchen set up, and information on how to make healthy and nourishing smoothies and salad dressings. As well, instructional programs on crafting the perfect Vegan diet are available, notes Brenda Lee Reed.

Fitness programs at Genesis are hands-on workout regimes in stretching and yoga. Brenda Lee Reed explains that the coaches put an emphasis on group walks and exercise programs. And, since whole health means relaxing the mind as much as working the body, Genesis Healing Center teaches meditation and relaxation classes.


Brenda Lee Reed knows that being away from family and loved ones can stress a person out in even the most tranquil environment. So she offers the following complimentary services to counteract those feelings of anxiety:

  • Migun bed and acupressure
  • Oxygenated infrared sauna
  • Ionic foot bath
  • Choice of reflexology session, massage, or organic European facial

Guests receive one each of these spa services.

Upon arrival and after orientation, Brenda Lee Reed says that guests are shown their rooms and allowed to take advantage of the grounds. She encourages bringing swimwear, as Genesis Healing Center has a remarkable heated saltwater pool. At dinner time, a variety of specially prepared meals are served in the group dining area. Brenda Lee Reed also notes that family and friends are welcome to dine on Saturday and Sunday with advance notice.

On a side note, Brenda Lee Reed does ask that potential guests inform her staff of any animal allergies, as two house cats live on the premises.

Brenda Lee Reed has over 30 years of experience teaching healthy eating and holistic treatment of disease and inner decay. As a cancer survivor, Brenda Lee Reed contributes her continued health to a nutritious diet void of excess, man-made fats.

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